Hikes, swimming, picnics, experience an immersion in nature with the outdoor activities of the Canal du Midi

When nature rhymes with adventure, we have tested for you!

When nature rhymes with adventure, we have tested for you!

She calls nature lovers... Do you hear it? This unspoiled and majestic nature, shaped by the climate and the centuries, hands you today arms …. Between scrubland and forests, rivers and valleys, streams and vineyards, mountains and cliffs ... it is these large spaces that you invitent to experience your most beautiful emotions !  Breathe thoroughly et recharge your batteries  

Adventure on the water!


Canoeing down the river...

In the midst of this unspoiled nature, the Orb traced his bed.  A descent by canoe, alone or in pairs, is the best way to taste this feeling of freedom! Sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous, The Orb is a real playground! Equipped with our paddles we start to let ourselves be carried away!   

We pass rapids...

Ltime to find our rhythm and on ddescend already rapids, it is exhilarating, it turns left then right, we almost turn around but we keep control of our boat. Plwe are far away, we go a slide which literally makes us take off! It's exciting, sensations guaranteed! 

fast canoes
canoeing landscape

We marvel at wide open spaces...

We also cross of wild passages, quieter and more bucolic. We sstop paddling from time to time to contemplate the nature that surrounds us, we feel very small! Ohe made a stop on the shore in order to relax arms, on dive into the limpid waters to cool off!  

If that is not it the good life ?!


2-wheel adventure

Our quest for adrenaline leads us the next day to the unique experience of a mountain bike ride, the sporting activity par excellence combining thrills, surpassing oneself and love of nature ... on one of the 23 circuits of the FFC MTB site of the territory.

We prepare the “mount”, we pamper it, we scrutinize it from the tires to the handlebars before getting into the saddle…

We equip ourselves, we harness each other, we “check” everything before leaving!

w v8 mtb circuit
Panoramic MTB

First pedal stroke and off you go for the adventure. The great outdoors, the climb sometimes gently sometimes less, the steep passages, it pulls a little on the calves, it shakes the arms but we hold the handles firmly ...

What sensations!

And then before arriving at the top of the hill we catch our breath, cut off by the ascent but also by the beauty of the landscapes that stretch out before our astonished eyes ...

The Vernazobre valley and the Grage mountains in the background. We get back in the saddle for the descent and we pick up speed, at full speed we hurtle down the slope that leads to the starting point.

Pure pleasure

Panorama view mountain bike

Vertical Adventure

To complete this sport and nature weekend, what better than climbing ?!

The practice is done on the large rocky ridge at the foot of the Chapel of Our Lady of Nazareth. The cliff is imposing and immediately challenges us with its height. It is part of a large set of small walls that have always fascinated climbing enthusiasts. We are perfectly equipped to begin the ascent, the muscles are warm, the heart beats hard, but it's pure adrenaline! 

Climbing cliff nd of nazareth 1
Climbing mount

It is left… A few meters already separate us from the ground and theeuphoria is felt, the view is splendid aroundr of us, but let's stay focused! We are looking for the crimps, the cracks, we wedge our feet and we climb… 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters and finally the reward…

The top !! The magnificent panorama is the ultimate reward of cthis unique experience, we are likeur un little cloud, excited and happy for doing it! Vwhat to delight climbers seasoned. Athen at your catch, get set, climb! 

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