Many curiosities dot the alleys of Cazedarnes, like the fountain basins or the red color of the facades, provided by the surrounding soil.

Cazedarnes is a typical wine-growing village. It is accessed from Béziers via Cazouls les Béziers. The village has grown considerably thanks to many new inhabitants attracted by the calm and authenticity.

The Saint Amand church dedicated to Saint Roch houses frescoes by Nicolai Greschny, it is the subject of major work which will ultimately allow these magnificent works to be discovered (frescoes painted between 1951 and 1960).

From the village center you can follow the walking route  “the Puech of the Negro Vine”. Here, scrubland and low walls outline the contours of a preserved Mediterranean landscape.

Off-center to the south-east of the village, the hamlet of Fontcaude is located on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela. This is the so-called “Chemin de Fontcaude” or GR 787 ramp which connects the GR 653 to the GR 78 (from Gervais sur Mare to Capestang). We are 6.5 km from Puisserguier and 13.5 km from Capestang.

Away from the village, scrubland, low walls (pronounce the "t" to speak like a native) and Saint-Chinian appellation vineyards draw the contours of a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape. To better immerse yourself in it, why not take up the challenge of a Hiking ou MTB by following the marked circuits?

L'abbaye de Fontcaude, joyau de l'Art Roman

Eccentric to the south-east of the village, the hamlet of Fontcaude bears the imprints of the Saint Jacques de Compostela routes and precious vestiges of the past. Discover the beauty of the siteFontcaude Abbey, jewel of Romanesque art, in a wild nature sculpted by limestone rocks and planted with olive trees. All year round, guided tours are organized by the Friends of Fontcaude association.

We share the atmosphere of a church of medieval canons for educational and cultural purposes: the decorations and explanations of the traditional celebrations of the daily Fontcaude calendar make it a true living museum of medieval Christian sacred art.

Un hiking trail marked out 17.5 km allows you to intoxicate yourself with the scents of scrubland while enjoying an extraordinary palette of landscapes.

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