Montouliers Guide 2014Montouliers is a charming Mediterranean village located on a small hill at the gates of AOC Minervois et Saint-chinian, clinging around an old castle that once belonged to the archbishops of Narbonne. This village has a particular curiosity: its calades (sloping streets made up of pebbles), the perfect type of what used to be the coating of a roadway in Mediterranean villages.

Surrounded by vines and scrubland, this hill strewn with olive trees is a true concentrate of Mediterranean essences (thyme, rosemary, broom…). 

Also discover the roman fountain on leaving the village. This fountain would have been dug by a legion of Julius Caesar. A permanent source of water, the fountain is an ideal place for a refreshing break.

The producers will make you discover the Minervois appellation, while many houses will allow you to stay in this village with grocery store-cafe-pizzeria. A riding center, The appaloosas of Pech, will allow you to discover in another way the scrubland and the surrounding vineyards.

Unusual visit of the village, discover the Wood Lace Cathedral. This workshop and living space of a Montouliérain artist will surprise you with its originality.

A village to visit without a doubt!

calades montouliers village of the canal du midi in saint chinian

Its essentials

  • The roman fountain
  • The calades
  • The XNUMXth century castle
  • The XNUMXth century Saint-Baudile church


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