w 20210218 GD village Puissergiuer then83This wine-growing village, located on a major thoroughfare, has a rich past that dates back to the Iron Age. A large Neolithic necropolis was recently discovered there. In the Middle Ages, the village was fortified and was a stage of one of the paths of Santiago de Compostela. Puisserguier has spread over the centuries, from feudal castle up to the Promenade, today the main place of life of the village. In the historic sector, we can visit the castle and the Saint-Paul church. The castle (under restoration) witnessed the crusade against the Cathar heresy in 1209, during which it was captured by the armies of Simon de Montfort.

The church, whose construction spans the XIe in the XIVe century, has undergone many restorations. But its main attraction lies in the two paintings by the regional painter Jacques Gamelin (who lived in the XVIIIe), illustrating episodes from the life of Saint Paul and classified as Historical Monuments.

You will find restaurants, wine producers which will make you taste the famous vintage Saint-chinian as well as accommodation in lodges et guest rooms. The village benefits from all shops and services.

Throughout the year, many activities are offered to visitors. Meet at the base ULM (small plane) from Puisserguier to fly over the mosaic of colorful surrounding landscapes: scrubland, vineyards, red soil ...
Finally do not miss the visit of theecomuseum of the life of the past. In the old village school, passers of memory, gathered under theassociation "The memories of Puisserguier" collected more than 3500 objects. Displayed in situ, these objects offer us a beautiful reconstruction of the life of yesteryear. From the courtyard, to the classroom via the courtyard, going back to the last century is possible thanks to this essential visit.

The village is very lively: medieval festivals, Languedoc market, garage sales, entertainment at theecomuseum, exhibitions ... Consult the agenda.

Puisserguier Pinede OTI Canal Du Midi

Its essentials

  • The circulade
  • The XNUMXth century castle
  • Medieval alleys and porches
  • The XNUMXth century Saint-Christophe priory and the 13 km hike which allows you to discover it
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