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Typical of the south of France, with a population of 3200 inhabitants, the village of Capestang is a stopover for explorers looking to discover the Mediterranean way of life.

Located between Béziers and Narbonne, easily accessible including by navigation on the Canal du Midi, Capestang is distinguished by its rich history which has left its mark on unique monuments.

Around a central square lined with shops and restaurants, stronghold of the Saint-Etienne collegiate church, the city center is irrigated by a maze of small streets full of charm and surprise!

This village is also "Lou Cap de l'estang": "the head of the pond", from which it takes its name. Today largely dried up in summer, the Capestang pond comes back to life in autumn with the floods of the Aude, to offer a wetland landscape classified NATURA 2000 appreciated by birds and flamingos!

Visit the essentials of the village of Capestang

The Canal du Midi

Crossed by the canal, Capestang has one of the largest ports on the Canal du Midi with a capacity of 77 boats. the port of Capestang is an essential stopover for visitors, but it is also a place of life. You will find the Tourist Office there with its shop, a restaurant, boats!

Some boatmen live there all year round, others are passing through, making this place a real place of mixing.
To cross from one bank to the other, the Saïsse bridge, one of the most interesting structures on the Canal du Midi!

Saint-Etienne collegiate church

Mostly Gothic in style, visible from afar, the collegiate church of Capestang is like a beacon guiding travelers to the heart of the village. Imposing and statutory, this monument is 43 meters high. Saint-Etienne collegiate church is still unfinished!

For lovers of original heritage, it is a unique curiosity to visit from the nave to the bell tower.

Indeed with a tourist guide it is possible to go up to the bell tower to enjoy a breathtaking view of the village, the canal, and the surrounding plains with Mount Caroux or the Pyrenees mountains in the background!

The Archbishop's Castle

Capestang was one of the vacation resorts of the archbishops of Narbonne, including the recently restored castle.

The castle of the Archbishops is recognizable from the outside by its Gothic buttresses. The originality of this castle lies in its painted ceilings, an incredible feat of the XNUMXth century.

Did you know ?

Do you know the particularity of the Saïsse bridge in Capestang?

Legend has it that boatmen from all walks of life came to measure the bridge before building their boats.

It is from this legend that the expression was born: "if your barge passes under the Saïsse bridge, it will pass under all the bridges of the European continent"

Indeed, the vault of the Saïsse bridge tightens more quickly than on the other bridges. The consequence is that the Saïsse bridge is one of the smallest of all the canals in France! The air draft being only 3,5 m in the center and 2,50 m on the sides!!!

Some barges fill up with water to lower their air draft and pass the bridge without a hitch...

Sleep in Capestang

Many types of accommodation invite you to stay in the village of Capestang: a camping, lodges, hotel, guest rooms, boats et luxury homes !

Capestang accommodation is popular with vacationers for its variety and proximity to many services! The little extra, sleeping near the canal du midi !

Move to destination

Well served by transportation, located at the crossroads, Capestang will allow you to explore other wonders of our destination by favoring travel at your own pace. By bike, by the greenway, direction Puisserguier, Creissan, Quarante and Cruzy or by the towpath along the Canal du Midi.

Take the boat from the port and travel along the water on the Canal du Midi towards Carcassonne or Béziers.

Taste good food in a restaurant in Capestang?

From a little peckish to a gourmet craving, it is also in Capestang that you will find good meals and specialties from our region to taste.

Traditional restaurants, pizzerias or snack bars await you on the square, in a unique atmosphere, in the shade of the plane trees.
For a tasting experience with a view of the boats, go to the port for lunch on the banks of the Canal du Midi!

Leisure activities near Capestang

To spice up your stay in Capestang, we recommend some unforgettable activities to do with family or friends.

Taste the IGP Côteaux d'Ensérune

Capestang is geographically placed on the territory of the Côteaux d'Ensérune which extends from Capestang to Maraussan (from East to West) and from Cazedarnes to Nissan lez Ensérune (from North to South).

Wine lovers enjoy tasting IGP* Côteaux d'Ensérune wines for their taste quality.

The IGP Côteaux d'Ensérune includes 15 producers spread over 15 towns near Capestang and produce quality wines.


PGI*: Protected Geographical Indication

PGI*: Protected Geographical Indication

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