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Many curiosities dot the alleys of Cazedarnes, like the fountain basins or the red color of the facades, provided by the surrounding soil.

Away from the village, scrubland, low walls (pronounce the "t" to speak like a native) and Saint-Chinian appellation vineyards draw the contours of a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape. To better immerse yourself in it, why not take up the challenge of a Hiking ou MTB by following the marked circuits?

From the roundabout in front of the school of sources, follow the pedestrian route n ° 30 "the Puech de la Vigne Nègre" and cover wide open spaces for 5 km. At stake: splendid views of the Caroux and Espinouse massifs. (Hiking sheet available at the reception points of the Canal du Midi tourist office in Saint-Chinian.)

Mountain biking enthusiasts, two circuits invite you to discover Cazedarnes from the piboulade in Cessenon-sur-orb (circuit n ° 5 "Cessenon-Cazedarnes", 28km, 540D +) or from the Town Hall of Pierrerue (circuit n ° 8, “Pierrerue-Cazedarnes”, 23km, 530D +). On the way back, stop in the upper quarter: a majestic fountain invites you to refreshments.

To taste the best of the local terroir, the producers-winegrowers, welcome you by appointment for a wine tasting or a tour of the estate.

Eccentric to the south-east of the village, the hamlet of Fontcaude bears the imprints of the Saint Jacques de Compostela routes and precious vestiges of the past. Discover the beauty of the siteFontcaude abbey in a wild nature sculpted by limestone rocks and planted with olive trees. All year round, guided tours are organized by the Friends of Fontcaude association. Ahiking trail 17.5km marked out allows you to get drunk on the scents of scrubland while enjoying an extraordinary range of landscapes. (Hiking sheet available at the reception points of thetourist office of the Canal du Midi in Saint-Chinian).

His history

In the 1850th century, Cazedarnes was made up of two distinct hamlets which depended entirely on Cessenon-sur-Orb and became a commune in 972. The beautiful Saint Amans church, closed to the public, is mentioned in the 1950. It is decorated with frescoes by the artist Estonian Nicolas Greshny dating from XNUMX. The latter respected Byzantine techniques consisting of applying natural ocher pigments on the still fresh plaster. The frescoes retrace scenes from the Old Testament and the life of Saint Roch.

Its essentials

  • The rocky bars of Cazedarnes
  • Fountains and atypical houses
  • A visit from Fontcaude Abbey
  • A 17.5km hike along the path n ° 30 "the Puech de la Vigne Nègre"
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