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In some ways, Cessenon might make you think of a small American town. With its metal suspension bridge, its beach at the water's edge and the tower which culminates in the centre... Moreover, the architectural mixtures of Cessenon, between tradition and modernity, give a particular historical charm to the village of 2336 inhabitants.

Because Cessenon sur Orb is one of the oldest villages in our destination. From prehistory (-10000 years before our era) to modern times, successive periods of occupation have influenced and profoundly modified the architecture of the village. Formerly a fortified city, periods of wars and successive invasions, only the dungeon survives.

The dungeon, “Lo cloquièr” as the Cesnonais call it, sits enthroned in the center of the village and bears witness to rich stories of conquests and crusades, including that of the Albigensians around 1209 which led to the dismantling of the ramparts for the first time. It was after their reconstruction, during the religious wars around 1633 that the ramparts were definitively destroyed.

Today, Cessenon sur Orb is a calm and soothing village, turned towards nature and viticulture. Crossed by a river, the Orb, enjoying a remarkable natural heritage in its surroundings. It is bordered by hills.

Many festive events take place throughout the year in Cessenon. It's good to live there and it's the perfect place for a breath of fresh air during the holidays!

The Orb gorges

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Visit the essentials of the village of Cessenon sur Orb

The dungeon

The dungeon, the last vestige of the fortifications of Cessenon, is an essential passage for visitors to the village. 15 meters high and 6 meters on a side, it has the particularity of sheltering bells and a clock that were added in the past. The Cessenon dungeon can be visited all year round, contact the tourist office to organize your visit.

Hiking on the banks of the Orb

Departing from the Cessenon sur Orb left bank, direction Réals for an 8 km course through the Coumiac quarry. On the paths, through the vineyards and on the banks of the Orb you will appreciate the unobstructed views towards the surrounding mountains and the village. You will also notice the different faces that the Orb river takes on with the tumults that strewn its bed up to Réals, halfway. From Réals, return to Cessenon by the other bank, to admire and appreciate the Orb river and the village from a different angle.

Discover the banks of the Orb on a hike >>

The Chaos of Reals

At this place, the Orb comes out of its hinges. It is no longer a calm river but a veritable bubbling Chaos. This state of the Orb River is caused by the presence of rock concretions and a steeper slope. Kayaker's paradise! In fact, this is where the Canoe Kayak base.

And if you don't want to get wet, you can always admire the show from Picnic area equipped with tables and barbecue for lunch. 

The eucalyptus forest

In 1948 the commune of Cessenon sur Orb hosted an experiment in the planting of different species of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a species adapted to the Mediterranean climate. This experiment turned into eucalyptus forest, to be discovered on a hike, which provides a very pleasant feeling when walking on the path lined with these exotic trees whose height brings shade and freshness.

The hamlet, locality of Lugné!

A little north of Cessenon, you will find a small hamlet. On site, you will encounter one of the rare replicas of the Statue of Liberty.

Pose next to Lugné's Statue of Liberty and take an American-style selfie!

The history of this statute is unique: made of resin by the Colmar museum, with the same proportions as the original statue of Bartholdi, this 2-meter replica sat on the bow of the Maxim's des Mer liner. It was installed specifically for a commemorative cruise for the centenary of the great statue of New York!

In Lugné other curiosities await you. A little further, going up towards Roquebrun, just at the exit of the hamlets, two remarkable olive trees, one of which reaches more than 7m in circumference, stand there. Majestic, timeless.

  Coumiac's career

One of Cessenon's best sources of income was its red cherry marble quarry called Carrière de Coumiac, which was exploited until the mid-1960s. Its marble, renowned for its high ornamental quality, decorates, for example, the Maison de France in Rio de Janeiro or, the “Red Room” of the Blache House in Washington!
And yes again America…

Did you know ?

The eucalyptus that we associate with Australia is a tree that can be small or very large. Indeed its size varies from that of a shrub of 4 to 8m to that of a large tree up to 90m high!
Eucalyptus gives off a pleasant smell and repels mosquitoes. It is recognizable by its bark and foliage. [Eucalyptus Pictures]

Unusual information: The record for the tallest tree on Earth is held by a 132 m Eucalyptus located in Australia.

Sleep in Cessenon sur Orb

For your holidays or a stay in Cessenon you will have the choice with different types of accommodation. A campsite at the water's edge, guest rooms or gites or quality.

Cessenon accommodation is popular with holidaymakers for its proximity to nature! The little extra, sleeping at the campsite near the Orb river or in a guest room with bike welcome for itinerant travellers!

Move to destination

Well served by transportation, located at the crossroads, Cessenon sur Orb will allow you to explore other wonders of our destination by favoring travel at your own pace.

Cessenon is a stage of the cycle tourism route n°16 which runs through the hills of Haut Languedoc and the course of the Orb.

By bike, by the greenway, direction Saint-Chinian for a wine tasting or in the other direction, direction Cazouls then Colombier to join the Canal du Midi and why not take a trip there by hourly rental boat.



Where to enjoy good food in a restaurant in Cessenon sur Orb?

After a hike, a canoe descent or a bike route you may want to enjoy a good meal to eat!

In the city center of Cessenon and Réals you will find traditional restaurants where you have to meet around a plate for a moment of conviviality.

Leisure activities near Cessenon sur Orb

A village surrounded by nature and a lively village, Cessenon has many outdoor activities.

The presence of the Orb river allows you to refresh yourself. Cessenon has a beach where you can relax at the water's edge. The most adventurous will opt, for example, for a descent in a canoe with the family, while the more athletic will slip into a kayak to navigate the rapids.

Finally lovers of outdoor strolls and hiking can discover the natural landscapes around the village and the river.

Taste the IGP Côteaux d'Ensérune

Cessenon is geographically placed on the territory of the Côteaux d'Ensérune which extends from Capestang to Maraussan (from East to West) and from Cazedarnes to Nissan lez Ensérune (from North to South).

Enthusiasts appreciate the tasting of recognized IGP* Côteaux d'Ensérune wines.

The IGP Côteaux d'Ensérune includes 15 producers spread over 15 municipalities near Capestang who focus on quality wine production.


PGI*: Protected Geographical Indication

PGI*: Protected Geographical Indication

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