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Saint-Chinian is one of those villages in the South of France whose name resonates beyond the Occitan regions. A village in which the sweetness of French living reigns! A village that produces very good wines.

Where is Saint-Chinian located?

Located in the south-west of the Hérault, the village has nearly 1831 inhabitants, is distinguished by a rich history and above all its culture of the vine giving birth to the famous wines of AOP Saint-Chinian.

In the heart of the vineyards, in the hollow of a valley, surrounded by the massif of the black mountain and the massif of Espinouse. The village of Saint-Chinian is located between sea and mountains.

Saint-Chinian is a village full of life and lively!

Discover Saint-Chinian...

On the place de la promenade, well protected under its canopy of plane trees, the starting point for a walk to the heart of the city, is an attraction in its own right. Sit back and contemplate!

lined with shops and restaurants, the place de la promenade is the lung of the village and the surrounding area! There is always something going on there: like the market, for producers on Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings. A good place to buy and taste good local products.

To visit the riches of Saint-Chinian, several options are available to you. Indeed, the guided tour of the village, hiking, And cycling loops Saint-Chinian course and its surroundings.

The tourism office located on the place de la promenade will advise you on activities according to your affinities.

that you like taste wine, explore nature or discover the local heritage know that in Saint-Chinian all this is possible.

By the way, if you continue around the promenade square (clockwise) you will find the wine house. A real wine bar!

Continuing in this direction, you will discover the town hall. Actually an old Benedictine abbey. The history of Saint-Chinian is intimately linked to the Abbey which contains a cloister that should not be missed!

Beyond the promenade, you will find other shops in the narrow streets typical of villages in the south of France.

For a relaxing break, go to the “platanettes” picnic area, along the watercourse named Vernazobre which peacefully crosses the village. A perfect place for a cool break in summer.

Visit the essentials of the village of Saint-Chinian

The Benedictine abbey

Steeped in a tumultuous history, the Benedictine abbey became the town hall of the village of Saint Chinian in 1855. The curiosities can be found inside: a staircase decorated with trompe l'oeil frescoes as well as a cloister entirely renovated in 2005 to discover during a guided tour.

[Link to the Abbey file]

The parish church of Notre Dame de la Barthe in Saint-Chinian

In the heart of the village, the church! Perfectly integrated into the village. Almost discreet. Several times restored after suffering the ravages of religious wars. In the 1919th century it will be rebuilt and enlarged. It contains an organ of 100 pipes, XNUMX of which are on the front.
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The Moulin du Rocher and the Capitelles trail

Starting point for the discovery hike of the capitelles, the Moulin du Rocher, perched on its promontory, dominates the Vernazobre Valley. This mill, in perfect condition, nevertheless has a unique history since it will have been used to build the houses of Saint-Chinian!

Recently restored and converted to grind cereals, the guided tour of the mill will bring you a note of history in your discovery of Saint-Chinianais.

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Path to Our Lady of Nazareth

To stretch your legs and explore the landscapes, with the Avants-Monts line and the silhouette of the Caroux massif in the background, go to the path that leads to Notre Dame de Nazareth.

You can discover the views on this path scented with scrubland, during a quiet walk, part of the Oenorando® labeled by the FFR (French Hiking Federation) with an invitation to wine tasting.

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Did you know?

Saint-Chinian has not always drawn its fame from its vineyards… In the XNUMXth century the town lived from the exploitation of textiles. In particular the cloth industry and specialized in the dyeing of sheets to the point that one of his master dyers: Antoine Janot was one of the greatest representatives in the kingdom of the time of Louis XV

From 1880, Saint-Chinian turned to the cultivation of vines and wine. This period saw the emergence of estates and castles that will be described as Folies Languedociennes!

Since 1945, the village of Saint-Chinian has been moving towards increasingly qualitative production until the establishment of an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) in 1982: the famous AOC Saint Chinian, an integral part of the best wines of Languedoc Roussillon!

Wine in Saint-Chinian, a culture!

Saint-Chinian's reputation for wine is second to none. Indeed, the AOP Saint-Chinian has resonated for several decades as a guarantee of recognized quality wine.

The geology of the soil, split between the Schists and Limestones sets is not foreign to it. Two sets of wine to taste, to taste, to compare: twice as many good reasons to come to Saint Chinian.

Discover and taste the wines of Saint-Chinian

The cellar of Saint-Chinian / Art in the cellar

How to reconcile Art and Wine?
If you are looking for an answer to these questions, it is because you do not yet know the Art in the Cellar. Because in the Saint-Chinian cellar, artistic genius meets oenological genius, in a unique concept!
Both an art gallery, with its vats painted by artists, this veritable cellar produces some of the wines of the AOP Saint-Chinian.

A double feat to visit and taste absolutely!

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The wine house

Unmissable passage for wine lovers with nearly 300 winegrowers from 20 villages and nearly 250 references.

The wine house offers local wines of all colors red, white and rosé byProtected Designation of Origin (AOP Saint-Chinian), from 100 cellars!

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Saint-Chinian PDOs

The wines of Saint-Chinian come from a terroir divided into two distinct parts: "half-schist / half-limestone". They enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate. This geological particularity makes for unique wines, either with a deep and expressive color on the palate, or with a fruity taste with notes of garrigue.

The wines of Saint-Chinian are grouped under the Protected Designation of Origin “AOP Saint-Chinian” which is made up of two terroirs spread over 20 villages and 6000 hectares. This involves 85 private cellars, 7 cooperative cellars for around 270 producers!

The AOP Saint-Chinian represents the 4rd appellation in volume for Languedoc Roussillon!

PDO*: Protected Designation of Origin

Sleep in Saint-Chinian

Finding a cozy nest is easy in Saint-Chinian, thanks to the many accommodations available in and around the village.

Bed and breakfasts and gîtes, from the most traditional to the most original, are at your disposal.
In Saint-Chinian, you will also find a hotel open all year round ready to welcome you.

The accommodation in Saint-Chinian are popular with holidaymakers for their variety and their proximity to the many possible activities in the surrounding nature.

Move to destination

Well served by transport and roads, located at a crossroads, Saint-Chinian will allow you to explore other curiosities of our destination by favoring travel at your own pace.

With 33 km of slopes, you can join the Canal du Midi by the greenway, direction Cessenon-sur-Orb, Cazouls les Béziers then Colombiers.

How about a good restaurant in Saint-Chinian?

How to reconcile Art and Wine?
If you are looking for an answer to these questions, it is because you do not yet know the Art in the Cellar. Because in the Saint-Chinian cellar, artistic genius meets oenological genius, in a unique concept!
Both an art gallery, with its vats painted by artists, this veritable cellar produces some of the wines of the AOP Saint-Chinian.

A double feat to visit and taste absolutely!

Leisure activities near Saint-Chinian

Bordered by mountain ranges, the village of Saint-Chinian is the starting point for a vast field of exploration with fascinating geology.

Hiking et Oenorando, popular with nature lovers, invite you to discover landscapes of garrigues and vineyards so typical.

Athletes will also find what they are looking for with no less than eight mountain biking circuits from beginner to experienced level on the Saint-Chinianais.

Find all the outdoor activities near Saint-Chinian by following our suggestions:

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