Agenda of the month from the Canal du Midi to Saint-Chinian

The Agenda for the month of the Canal du Midi Tourist Office in Saint-Chinian is your essential guide to discover the activities and entertainment not to be missed in the villages of this magnificent territory. Multiple activities, entertainment, workshops, colorful markets, captivating exhibitions and lively parties in charming authentic villages, located near Narbonne or Béziers.

July 2024 Agenda

What’s in the tourist office’s calendar for the month?

Cultural and festive events in authentic villages, between Béziers and Narbonne.

Creative and educational workshops in the Sud Hérault community of communes.

For creative and curious minds, our territory, located near Béziers, offers workshop sessions and courses suitable for all ages. From pottery to painting, from cooking to photography, all year round you will find opportunities for learning and discovery in authentic villages, typical of Languedoc.


Artistic exhibitions from the Canal du Midi to Saint-Chinian.

The galleries and museums of Sud-Hérault are gems of art and culture. Art exhibitions showcase the work of local and international talents. Browse the calendar to discover current and upcoming exhibitions.

Local festivals and festivities.

Traditional festivals enliven the 17 villages of the community of communes such as Capestang, Puisserguier or Saint-Chinian. You will find details of upcoming events and festivals in our authentic and charming villages in the calendar.

Local markets in typical villages near Béziers and Narbonne.

Local markets are an essential component of daily life in our 17 villages. Come taste fresh products, meet local artisans and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the weekly markets, such as those of Saint-Chinian and Capestang. In our calendar, you will find the market days of each village, including night markets, summer markets, and even summer markets. Holidays.

Guided and commented tours of Capestang, Puisserguier, Creissan, Saint-Chinian...

For an enriching experience and an in-depth discovery of the cultural heritage. from the villages of the Canal du Midi to Saint-Chinian, follow the guides! In summer, the Heritage Ambassadors reveal their secrets to you and take you on a journey through the history of our charming towns. Check the calendar to stay informed of upcoming visits and guided walks!

Availability of the monthly agenda of the Canal du Midi Tourist Office in Saint-Chinian

The monthly agenda from the Canal du Midi Tourist Office in Saint-Chinian is available in two practical formats:

  • PDF version to download

You can download the month's agenda in PDF format directly from this page. It's a quick and practical way to view all upcoming events, plan your outings between Béziers and Narbonne, and not miss a thing!

  • Paper version

If you prefer a physical copy of the diary, go to our reception points in Capestang and Saint-Chinian. You'll find printed copies there, and it's free.

Whether you are a local resident or a curious visitor, we are confident that you will find activities that will pique your interest in our calendar this month.

Stay informed about the latest updates and upcoming events by regularly checking our online agenda ! Live unforgettable experiences all year round, from the Canal du Midi to Saint-Chinian!

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