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In the middle of the vineyards, a few kilometers from the Canal du Midi and the town of Béziers, the village of Puisserguier.

More than 3000 inhabitants live in this village with a Mediterranean climate, crossed by the Lirou and other small tributaries, with the particularity of being built on a hilly area and surrounded by hills.

Puisserguier has, by its reliefs, a particular charm. Thus it is pleasant to walk around, on the paths of Saint Christophe and to join the orientation table to find the best point of view on the landscapes, the village or even the Mont Caroux in the background!

In the heart of the village, organized in a “circulade”, the charm of the old stones that adorn the buildings takes you back to medieval times, the culmination of which becomes an unmissable local attraction: the Château de Puisserguier!

Didn't you spot him, from the top of the hill, with the flag of Occitania floating in the winds?

Discovering Puisserguier launches you into a temporal adventure. You travel from medieval times to modern times and that is the whole point of staying there!


Visit the essentials of the village of Puisserguier

Puisserguier castle

The castle of Puisserguier dating from the 1209th century is being restored but it is possible to visit it thanks to the association ARESP. It is of real historical interest and immerses you in the Middle Ages from the year XNUMX during the Albigensian Crusades and up to the contemporary history of the castle.

Discover >>

Ecomuseum of memories

The ecomuseum transports you to the past, to a time not so far away, in which everything seems different and yet so familiar.

It is actually the world of your grandparents (or your great-grandparents for the youngest): school, shops and products of the moment, the hairdresser and hobbies of the time are reviewed there.

At the ecomuseum, during a visit, you will relive this carefree and reassuring era while feeling a pleasant nostalgia.

Puisserguier hike, towards the priory of Saint-Christophe

To access the magnificent viewpoints of Puisserguier or Mount Caroux, this hike will be essential. For about 4h30, over nearly 12 km, you walk the paths lined with pines and scrubland. You will breathe! There is a slight drop: 260 m and the hike is classified as medium difficulty. A small price to pay to dominate the valley and marvel at the landscape. Discover >>

Puisserguiers in trompe l'oeil

Puisserguier is a village that enhances its appearance with originality and "Street Art"!

Thus several trompe l'oeil works – imagined by the Compagnie Vincent Ducaroy, which entrusted the production to Laure Fournier, Lucile Lambert, Anaïs Mazuez, Emmanuelle Seccia and Willy Viennois – embellish the village by representing scenes of local life.

  • Trompe l'oeil Puisserguier l'Eglise
  • Trompe l'oeil Puisserguier Square Simone Veil
  • Trompe l'oeil Puisserguier Rue de Thiers

At the first glance we are taken, at the second we contemplate, at the third we are moved by the incredible details included in these frescoes.

Hats off to the artists!

Sleep in Puisserguier

Crossroads or starting point for your explorations of the Canal du Midi at Saint Chinian? Your turn to judge !
However, our entire destination is easily accessible from Puisserguier. So why not make it your base camp and shine all around during your stay?

In addition, Puisserguier offers you a multitude of accommodation possibilities on site: gîtes, bed and breakfast but also charming accommodation in a castle or on a boat just a few kilometers away.

Join Puisserguier by bike

In soft roaming, Puisserguier is easily accessible from the Capestang / Cruzy greenway. This road reserved for pedestrians, bicycles or horses allows you to join the Canal du Midi and push your discovery further towards the vineyards of our destination.

Find out more about the greenway >>

What good to taste in Puisserguier?

From the small hollow to the greedy desire, you will find good small dishes and specialties of our region to taste in Puisserguier. Traditional restaurants, in the shade of the plane trees for a lunch break.

Surrounded by vineyards, the village of Puisserguier is home to wine estates. The cellars in the center and all around the village welcome you for a tasting of AOP Saint Chinian, IGP Pays d'OC and IGP Pays d'Hérault wines.

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