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If you want to visit a typical village of our destination, between the Canal du Midi and Saint-Chinian, then we suggest you visit Montouliers and meet the friendliness of its 219 inhabitants.

Built on the side of a hill, full of character and authenticity, Montouliers is an essential stopover for anyone who loves strolling through the alleys with the charms of ancient times.

Lovers of stone and nature will find a particular alchemy in Montouliers. The mix between stone and the species of Mediterranean trees plunges you into the atmosphere.

Perhaps you have guessed that Montouliers derives from Monte Olerio, literally: the Mount of Olives? To find them, go to the top of the town, near the Saint Baudile church and the castle, both dating from the XNUMXth century. On this plateau, take the opportunity to admire the breathtaking view of the hills and the valley!

In spring, the olive trees are loaded with olives, the cypresses release their polene and the mulberry trees turn green. Laurels and Judas trees display their pink and fuchsia flowers. A colorful spectacle making the calades of Montouliers particularly beautiful! The paving made of stones and pebbles, built as in the old way, will take you back to the time of the Roman villages.

The village of Montouliers is located at the gates of the AOP Saint-Chinian and the AOP Minervois. The vine is predominant around the village and gives it the charm of the southern landscapes in all seasons.

Visit the essentials of the village of Montouliers


If you seek to reconcile your curiosity and your desire for a walk. So come and stretch your legs and your mind in a unique setting, that of the calades de Montouliers. Charming, intoxicating and rejuvenating! Strolling through these cobbled streets then sitting on the terrace for a small aperitif under the mulberry trees is one of the unmissable experiences of our destination.

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The wood lace cathedral

Surprising, unusual, disconcerting or perhaps endearing? The perfect adjective to describe the wooden lace cathedral does not exist. Neither quite a monument, nor quite a classic dwelling. It is definitely a place to visit absolutely!

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The Appaloosas of Pech

Trot in the Pech de Montredon and its surroundings on horseback. During a nature walk, you become one with the animal. It's hot and the pine forest gives you its scents. Go peanut, in the river there is still room for the river ride from 16 p.m. to 18 p.m. this afternoon.

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Did you know ?

The Roman legions left other vestiges in Montouliers. Visionaries, by digging their XNUMXth century Roman fountain on the axis of the ancient Montouliers – Quarante – Montady road, the Romans left as their legacy a refreshing water point for explorers of the village and the surrounding hills (surroundings).

Sleep in Montouliers

The guest rooms et  charming cottages de Montouliers immerse you in a vintage and cozy atmosphere. Are you a couple and want more unusual accommodation? A few kilometers away, the Sériège Castle offers accommodation in a sumptuous setting and the Barge Hotel Atos are waiting for you in Argeliers for a stay in a hotel barge on the Canal du Midi!

Taste good food in a restaurant in Montouliers?

Exploring the calades or the pech around whets your appetite?
The perfumes and scents of scrubland, the omnipresence of olive trees make you want local flavors.

Small hollow: short stop under the mulberry trees of the restaurant l'Oliviers in Montouliers. To have an aperitif on the "quiet" terrace, in the shade, and relax. Pushing the discovery of flavors further will take you to the foot of the Pech d'Argeliers to taste tapas, olive oil and truffles!

Leisure activities near Montouliers

Yes, Montouliers can be admired from the inside but also from the outside! From Mont Redon, opposite (178m above sea level, on the Pech) or round the hills, all around. The whole game is for everyone to find their best view of the village of Montouliers.

This environment inspires many artists who draw, paint or sculpt Montouliers, always with elegance. Imagine strolling through this Roman fresco (Mediterranean), a feeling of humility and freshness overwhelms you!

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