Our quality commitments

The Intercommunal Tourist Office of the Canal du Midi in Saint-Chinian belongs to the network of Tourist Offices of France.
We have been classified since February 2021 in category I for 5 years.

To better welcome you and help you prepare for your stay, here are our commitments:

The "Tourism Quality Brand"

The Tourist Office of the Canal du Midi in Saint Chinian obtained the national mark Qualité TourismeTM in August 2019, for a period of three years. This national brand is issued by Offices de Tourisme de France®.

Obtaining the Tourism quality mark is the culmination of work carried out by the entire team since 2014 in the quality process in order to best meet the demands of visitors, service providers and elected officials. All this while respecting national commitments.

The quality policy of the Canal du Midi Tourist Office consists of constantly improving the reception, information and satisfaction of visitors, service providers and elected officials, as well as the management of the structure.

  • Our commitments to tourist customers

The Tourist Office of the Canal du Midi in Saint-Chinian has positioned its various reception areas within the most important villages in terms of population and tourist interest. It has two physical reception points and a tourist information terminal.

The tourist office has made a commitment to visitors:

Guarantee an efficient and efficient reception of visitors in each information office, in a personalized approach, and allow visitors easy access to reliable tourist information accessible to all;

Take into account the opinions of our visitors by various means, analyze them and return them to implement corrective actions.

Highlight local know-how and productions in our shop and in our communication

  • Our commitments to employees

Have a multi-year training plan in order to support changes in the profession, participate in training courses concerning the assigned missions, regularly visit the destination's tourism partners;

Listening to staff, sharing experiences

Involve staff in changes to the structure

  • Our commitments to our socio-professional partners

Maintain the link with our tourism partners in the territory by engaging in permanent consultation through their participation in the various thematic committees, and their representation on the management committee.

Listening to our partners and providing them with support and advice in their development process

Support tourism providers in adapting their offer to market needs and customer behavior in order to provide a qualitative service offer before, during and after the customer's stay, through training workshops.

  • Our commitments to elected officials in the area

Implement the tourism strategy of the destination in accordance with the ambitions of the Sud-Hérault community of municipalities

  • Our commitments to our institutional and private partners

The tourist office is a member of the Office de Tourisme de France and the CRT Occitanie.

It acts in coherence and in coordination with various institutional tourism organizations: Occitanie Regional Tourism Committee, Hérault Departmental Tourism Agency, Pays Haut Languedoc and Vineyards, Gites de France, Clévacances ...

  1. It participates in the departmental tourist information network: SITI34 Tourinsoft
  2. It conducts joint actions, particularly in the area of ​​promotion.
  3. He participates in the economic observation of tourism.
  4. It pools training actions at the regional level
  5. It pools resources for the marketing plan,
  6. It pools communication actions
  7. it promotes the qualification of furnished accommodation and guest rooms
  8. It provides visitors with tourist documentation from the CRT, PHLV, ADT
  9. It participates in the departmental documentation exchange.
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